Project Description

Maiden’s Tower

One of the most iconic images of Istanbul surely has to be the Kız Kulesi, known in English as Maiden’s Tower or Tower of Leandros. It is found on a small natural islet in the Bosphorus, just off the shore of Asian Istanbul. 

The first tower here was built by an Athenian commander during the 5th century as a way of controlling ships passing the Bosphorus, and collecting taxes, a function that continued into Byzantine times, when a chain was stretched from it to the historic peninsula. In Ottoman times, it started to be used as a lighthouse.

Nowadays, it serves both as a restaurant and a museum. Maiden's Tower can be reached by boat from Üsküdar/Salacak (Asian Side) and Kabataş (European Side). Boats from Üsküdar are more often (every 15 mins), compared to Kabataş.  Timetables can be found on its website here.

Open everyday from 09:00  to 19:00

Museum Ticket Price (August 2019) : 30 TL

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