Room&Hotel Info

Hotel Regulations

No Smoking

For your own safety and other guests' health, smoking is forbidden indoors including rooms. 100 US$ cleaning charge may apply in case of infringement.

Use of Electrical Appliances

To avert fire risk, please refrain from using electrical appliances which use heat for functioning other than the ones already in your room.


For your own safety, visitors from outside the hotel are not allowed to enter in your room.

 Valuables and Other Items

Please do not leave important personal belongings or valuables unsecured in your guest room. The Hotel has provided an in-room safe for your use and convenience. The in-room safe, however, should not be viewed as a replacement for the guest safe deposit boxes maintained by the Hotel at the reception, and in no way modifies the Hotel’s limitation of liability for the loss of guest property.

 Safety Around the Hotel

There are scams especially around Istiklal Street. For your own safety, don't follow people who will randomly approach you and suggest nightclubs and take you there.

Hotel & Room Info

You can turn the air-conditioning on and off by simply clicking the button on the operation panel next to your bed. The windows MUST be CLOSED for the air-conditioning to function.
Our hotel check-out time is 12:00.
For daily cleaning of your room you can press the "make-up" button next to your bed. If you don't need cleaning, simply press "don't disturb".
As a precaution against Covid-19 and other possible diseases, the minibar is empty. You can ask for your minibar filled in by calling reception (0). The coffee and teas in the tray are free of charge. You can help us avoid packaging waste, by ordering free water from room service. (dial 200 or  0)
You can use the hotel vehicle for all your transportation needs in Istanbul. Please let us know in advance for this. The cost for airport transfer from the hotel is 40 Euros.
The fitness saloon and sauna at floor no:-2 is free of charge for our guests.
For your recyclable wastes (plastic, glass, paper and batteries), you can use the recycle bins in the corridor. If you are unsure whether the item is recyclable, please use the waste bin in your room.
Hotel guests can use our terrace restaurant "Süreyya Terrace" with 15% discount. To join the live music performances happening at certain days of the week, simply dial 113 and book.
Smoking in the room is forbidden and subject to 200 US$ fine for the cleaning cost.
To make local phone calls, dial 9 to take a line, and then the phone number. (You have to dial 0216 before the number for asian side Istanbul phone calls) To make intercity calls, dial 9 to take a line, then 0, and then the city code before the number. To make intercity calls, dial 9 to take a line, then 00, and then the country code and city code before the number.
It maybe too expensive for you to use your home GSM provider for mobile internet network in Istanbul. In this case, you may ask to borrow from us a mobile hotspot (when available),  free-of-charge.