Dear Guest, For those of you, who have to present COVID-19 PCR test results to authorities at their return to their countries, PCR tests can be carried out at the following locations at least 48 hours before your flight. For sampling at the hotel, we co-operate with the following labs :
  • Biruni Lab
  • Şafak Hospital
The coordination for testing with the above institutions shall be handled with our following personnel:
  • Sami Çiçek (receptionist – dial 0)
  • Murat Hüzmeli (receptionists – dial 0)
Those contact personnel above, will co-ordinate the isolation and transfer of the guest to a health facility, and notification of the authorities such as Health an Tourism administrators of Istanbul. The cost of the test will be charged directly by the health facility. Test results will be available next day at the hospital/lab doctor.


Biruni Lab - 7/24 all branches – 444 1 864

Taksim first aid Hospital – 7/24 – 0212 909 5000

Pricing of the Tests

  • Şafak Hospital, 300 TL (sampling at the hotel)

  • Biruni Lab, 155TL + taxes (sampling at the laboratory, payment at the lab)

How Many Hours before Travelling Abroad Should the Tests be Made?

It can take up to 36 hours for the test results to show up. For this reason, those who will travel to Germany should have given their samples 36-48 hours before departure, and those who will travel to other countries, 72 hours, latest. The Republic of Northern Cyprus accepts test recults 72-120 hours before flight.

How to Get Covid-19 Test Results?

  • Hard copy by personal application to the facility

  • By e-mail

  • By the last four digits of passport number and barcode number at the e-nabiz application of the government with the following link :

If your tests are positive, you should be notifying the hotel administration, or the information desks if you are at the airport.

If it is requested, all guests will be able to have their tests as explained above.

Our hotel is not responsible of any possible unfortunate events that may happen during testing.

This notification was written in accordance with the directions of the Ministry of Health and Tourism.

I confirm that I have read and accepted the information in this document.