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We are in Beyoğlu, also known as Pera, which is Istanbul`s center for entertainment, nightlife, culture, and shopping.

Beyoglu is live almost 24 hours, which means you can go out relatively safely even at nights. You will have the widest choice of cafes, restaurants, various shops, bookstores …. at your service even at very late hours. The city`s longest pedestrian street is just 50 meters away from the hotel.

The hotel`s central location makes it easier than anywhere else to reach any point in the city; major historic attractions are less than two kilometers away, the city`s best restaurants, entertainment and culture venues are just around the corner, and the major convention centers are less than a kilometer away. Taksim Square which is like the transportation hub of Istanbul, is only 950 meters.

Big tourist attractions in Sultanahmet area beyond the bridge are at approximately two kilometers distance, so you may have to take a vehicle to reach there.

  • If you choose to arrive at our hotel by taxi, here are Turkish instructions for taxi drivers to find hotel easily:

“Taksim istikametinden gelirken: 3. ışıklardan (İngiliz konsolosluğunun önünden )sola dönün daha sonra sağa dönün. 10 mt ilerde sağdayız. Unkapanı istikametinden gelirken: Unkapanı köprüsünü geçtikten sonra 3. ışıklardan sağa dönün sonra tekrar sağa dönün 10 mt ilerde soldayız. Ayrıca yeni TRT binasının tam karşısındayız.” 

       As of May 2018, a taxi from Ataturk Airport costs approximately 70 TL which is equal to about 15 Euros. Click for Atatürk Airport Route

        As of May 2018, a taxi from Sabiha Gökçen Airport costs approximately 165 TL which is equal to about 35 Euros. Click for Sabiha Gökçen Airport Route

  • From Ataturk Airport, you can also choose to take our transfer service, which costs 25 Euros, for up to 12 people. The return to the airport is  20 Euros. This service costs 55 Euros for Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Our transfer service from Ataturk Airport is free for guests booking their stay through our website and staying at least 4 nights.
  • The light tramway , (also called ligth rail) takes off from Ataturk Airport and arrives at Yenikapı Station as the last stop which is 5 minutes distance to our hotel by taxi. (tramway ticket 1 Euro/5 TL, taxi approximately 4 Euros/20 TL ) You can continue from Yenikapı also by using the M2 Hacıosman metro line. In this case you should get off at Şişhane stop and walk for 550 meters. Use the Istiklal street exit at the Şişhane metro station. Click for Yenikapi subway to Troya Tepebaşı route map.
  • The airport service shuttle Havataş takes off from Atatürk and Sabiha Gökçen Airports every half an hour. The last stop is Taksim.
  • If you are coming from Ataturk Airport, you can get off at Tepebaşı stop and walk to our hotel.   Clik for map
  • If you are coming from Sabiha Gökçen Airport, then you have to get to the last stop, Taksim and take a taxi or bus from there (app. 2 km, 3 Euros/15 TL by taxi).   Click for Taksim Route  
  • For more information please refer to HAVATAŞ website: Click for website